Focus Learning Center specializes in providing tutoring services to students with various academic levels and backgrounds. It is located at the heart of Richmond near Lansdowne Center. Our facility is about 6000 feet (600 square meters) with around 20 classrooms. We have several specialized classrooms including a computer area, a piano room, a dancing room, a small library, and a kitchen area. In addition, we have a 72-student capacity school bus and several school vehicles available


Qualified Teachers

Our staff is experienced in providing high-quality teaching in varies academic programs from kindergarten through high school level. All teachers go through a comprehensive interview with the school’s principal in order to ensure quality background in the subject(s) that they are teaching. All teachers at our school must have an adequate amount of teaching experience, as well as teaching qualifications and certificates. We want your child to have fun learning so that they can reach their full potential. Therefore, our teachers will not only teach your child, but motivate them and have them enjoy learning. Our teachers will also help your child find their inner talents, and foster the growth of any talents that they already have by challenging them and encouraging them to participate in contests and competitions.

Our principal has many years of teaching experience in Canada and her approach combines Western teaching methods with international approaches. This unique teaching method follows the B.C. curriculum and standards for Math, English, and Science.

Mother or teacher helping child daughter to reading



One of our main focuses is a child’s ability in speech. We value speech as it allows children to develop their self-confidence and feel comfortable speaking in front of others. This allows their social developmental skills to improve and be useful in other aspects of their life. With the extra boost in self-confidence, students will have opportunities to take on roles such emcee or host. We have had children participate in the 2016 National Oratorical Contest.

Our focus in mathematics allows students to participate in international Waterloo math contests. Many of our students that enter into the contests get high marks. We even had one student achieve a close to perfect score one year.

For drawing, we have had students enter North American wide drawing competitions with their best artwork, where they competed against aspiring artists. Student’s artwork also has a chance to be published in magazines and newspapers.

Our Goal

Focus Learning Center value and support each and every student’s learning needs. Our goal is to establish a holistic student with life skills such as problem-solving and social skills, as well as gain confidence and motivation in building challenging goals for themselves. As a collective team, our staff and teachers will contribute to building and developing this philosophy.